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Steve Tytler

Steve Tytler
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A Reverse Mortgage is a government-insured loan program for homeowners at least 62 years old with lots of equity in their home (i.e., mortgage balance equals less than half of the home value). It's a great loan for seniors who find themselves "house rich but cash poor" ... and there are MANY other uses and reasons to get a reverse mortgage. But it's a very complicated program, so we strongly encourage you to call and schedule a FREE, no pressure, no obligation reverse mortgage consultation.

Best Mortgage® owner Steve Tytler will personally answer all of your questions, in person or on the phone. Call Now to book a reverse mortgage consultation appointment: (425) 649-6000 (toll-free: 1-877-875-4576).

Unfortunately, some seniors are being scared away from reverse mortgages by headlines like these:

  • You can Lose Your Home!

  • Wife forced out of home after older husband dies!

  • If you owe more than the value of your home, you or your heirs have to make up the difference!

  • Crazy High Loan Fees!

  • Don't sign your home over to the bank!

The good news is that those headlines are due to misinformation and/or misunderstanding about how the reverse mortgage program really works. In other words, most horror stories are just not true!

I have written a FREE REPORT that answers all the concerns that I have seen in those scary "news" stories about reverse mortgages. I've also included answers to common questions about reverse mortgages that I've received from my cleints over the years.

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